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Deakin Law School Quiz for High School Students
Image-based abuse and young people*

In 2019-2020, the Australian eSafety Commissioner received 2,702 complaints from victims of image-based abuse; one-quarter of the victims were under the age of 18. Australian research suggests that many more young people experience this abuse but don’t report it. Victims are often left feeling angry, humiliated, embarrassed, socially isolated, worried and/or afraid for their safety.

Image-based abuse is sometimes called ‘revenge porn’ but it is broader than that. It occurs when an intimate photograph, video or image is shared without the consent of the person pictured. An intimate image can include images that show a person naked, or which exposes other private parts of their body. Significantly, it can include the threat to share such images, even when the threat is not carried out. This abuse can take place on social media, through online chat and messaging services, text messages, emails, on message boards and in online forums. It is currently very topical because we are increasingly becoming aware that this form of abuse is common and the damage that can be done to victims is extensive. Yet many people are unclear about what image-based abuse is and what can be done if they find themself the victim of this online behaviour.

This talk by Professor Marilyn McMahon and Dr Vicki Huang from Deakin Law School will discuss image-based abuse of young people. It will outline recent developments in Australia that will assist victims. Listen to the talk, take the quiz and become better informed on this important issue.

*Warning: This webinar is aimed at High School students however, the focus on image-based abuse of this session and accompanying quiz may be distressing for some people; you are advised to think carefully before accessing the session and quiz.

May 17, 2021 11:00 AM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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